Please, before ask question and open support ticket, search answer in documentation: in product FAQ on official product website, DemoDoc, DocuLibrary. If you don't find answer on your question there in documentation, then open new support ticket.

Support only for Customers. SLA guarantee only to B2B Customers. Please be ready to say your CustomerID or active contract number to support or write your CustomerID or active contract number in ticket. Support talk only in English and Russian.

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Classic communication with sales managers and pre-sale consultants. Only chats & voicemail, _NOT_ calls. We can callback for Customers.

the basic SLA guarantees a response to each customers message in 3 business days. if you need managers and support to respond to your messages faster and with priority from another customers, and also answer at night or on weekends, the best way to achieve this is in advance pay for one of the extended or corporate SLA rates through the cloud service and another NX Interactive services where have additional SLA plans

during scheduled and unscheduled technical works, priority is given to the quality of works and works for a positive technical result (conception ITIL means focus to fix problems affected many customers, not incidents affected one user or one PC), rather than communication of technical experts with customers and new users

if the phone does not answer immediately, please leave a voicemail message. state your name, company or contract number, or just accountname in NX Interactive cloud service like Online Cabinet or if there is no agreement yet, voice your desire to conclude an agreement and distinctly and spelled say your contacts - phone or e-mail. this will greatly increase the likelihood that a manager or support will contact you as soon as possible.

NX Interactive do not provide phone support for online games home customers. Phone support only for Enterprise customers and partners with commerce SLA